The Church of God of Prophecy in Alabama is looking to widen her influence in our beautiful state. Our focus area is the Southern part of Alabama which includes the lovely cities around the ocean areas. If you wish to receive more information about how you can plant a Church of God of Prophecy church in Alabama, contact us today!

Bishop Richard & Kimberley Ramsey

Alaska, Washington

Alaska and Washington is a beautiful and diverse region. We have wide open spaces and large cities all of which need a church. If you are interested in planting a Church of God of Prophecy in this area, please contact the state office at frankgsmith55@gmail.com
The Fairbanks area in Alaska needs a church, we have several members living there but no one to go plant a church.

Bishop Franklin & Shirley Smith

Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico

Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico are the new Old West; not only do we have the glory of the old times, but the glory of the future. The food, the people, the geography, the weather, and much more, come together to create the best place in America to plant Churches. The diversity of languages allows us to do cross-cultural Church planting. If you are called into the ministry of planting churches, contact us today!

Bishop José & Ruthie Rivera


California is a beautiful, diverse, and extensive state, in every sense of these descriptions. Possibilities and potential for church planting in California is limitless among 200 ethnic and linguistic groups. Presently, we especially need church planters and re-planters among English language populations. There is also need for equipped, visionary church planters among Hispanic populations. If you are interested in knowing how you can help, please contact the California State Office.

Bishop Phillip & Diana Pruitt

IOU Region

The IOU REGION of the Church of God of Prophecy encompasses the states of Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and the Navajo Nation. This multicultural and multilingual area has fruitful opportunities for both urban and rural church planting. With seasoned church planting development, it affords a vast harvest. If you desire more information on how you can join our church planting team, contact the regional office at PO Box 3065, Salem, OR 97302. You can also use the contact information below.

Bishop Wallace & Judy Pratt


The Kentucky Church of God of Prophecy is looking to expand its impact. The state is culturally and geographically diverse, providing planting opportunities in urban and rural settings. The mountains of Eastern Kentucky are beautiful and open to planting opportunities. The cities of Lexington, Paducah, London, Richmond, Florence, Pikeville, Campbellsville, and Morehead are also targeted areas, many having college campuses. If you wish to connect about the planting opportunities in Kentucky, contact the state office via the info below.

Bishop Jeffrey & Sherri White

Magnolia Region

Unlock a world of untapped potential in the heart of the South! Louisiana and Mississippi offer a rich tapestry of diverse communities, all yearning for spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging. With a unique blend of cultural heritage, strong community values, and untapped opportunities, this is the fertile ground where your vision for church planting can truly flourish.

Bishop Duke & Shirlene Stone

Mid-Atlantic Region

The Mid-Atlantic Region of the Church of God of Prophecy includes Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C; Delmarva Peninsula. This area is very multicultural and provides opportunities for both rural and urban church planting. Our vision is to “Equip | Develop | Empower” both Ministry and Laity for the Ministry of Reconcilitaion for planting and sustaining healthy churches in the Region. For more information contact us at the number below or visit or website www.macogop.org

Bishop Woodroe & Pauline Thompson

Northeast Region

The Northeast Region consists of seven states, New York; Maine; Connecticut; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Vermont; New Hampshire and the beautiful island of Bermuda. It is our desire by God’s grace to carry on with the Great Commission of evangelizing the lost and establishing new churches for the greater glory of God. We welcome you to join us in this great harvesting endeavor.

Bishop Leroy & Christina Greenaway

Ohio, West Virginia

Our vision is to plant churches in Ohio and West Virginia, igniting a spiritual movement that transforms communities. Through intentional discipleship, vibrant worship, and compassionate outreach, we aim to establish thriving churches that serve as beacons of hope. Embracing diversity and meeting unique community needs, we envision a legacy of faith, unity, and positive societal impact throughout the region. We are Stronger Together.

Bishop Clint & Elizabeth Knowles


Impact Virginia! From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, all the way up to our Nation’s Capital; we are looking to intentionally invest in leaders to plant churches that are united together to equip the next generation that will Impact Virginia! Areas of strategic church planting include college towns and growing communities that surround military bases in our great state. We are equally passionate about expanding our reach across language and cultural barriers. We would love to explore how we can invest in you to use your gifts, talents, passions, and calling in this great state to Impact Virginia. If you sense God calling you to serve with our vision here in Virginia, call or email us!

Bishop Joshua & Crissy Lynn